A financial wellbeing benefit your employees will love

With Claro Wellbeing, you can keep your employees happier for longer, while becoming more attractive to first-rate talent.

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Give each employee a financial coach

86% of employees say personal financial worries impact their work performance.* With Claro Wellbeing, they can choose from 16 ready-made 1-2-1 coaching packages – giving their financial wellbeing a much-needed boost.

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*Results from our Financial Wellbeing 2022 survey, available here.

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Boost your financial confidence and wellbeing

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Manage the cost of living crisis

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Master your budget

Bring financial literacy to your team

Our expert financial coaches helped us build the market's #1 financial coaching app. Now, they're available to educate your employees on topics that suit their needs.

Boost employee engagement and performance

Regain up to 4.9 days lost per employee each year due to poor financial wellbeing.* With Claro Wellbeing, you can help your employees spend time on finances strategically, without interrupting their work.

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*Source: Data from Cebr, a leading UK economics consultancy.

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Discover the link between money and mental wellbeing

People’s average mental wellbeing scores drop by more than 37% from those with high financial confidence to those with the lowest.

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Hear from our happy customers

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"Really helped upskill me quite considerably in a very short space of time. Before I was overwhelmed but you made it so digestible! I thought this was such a high quality service and I'm grateful I got to take part in it!"

Momoko, coaching client

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"My experience with Claro has been fantastic since minute one. The knowledge, resources and help I've received from Claro is invaluable and was explained in such a clear and concise way. Thank you Mike for helping me to plan my first home purchase!"

Antonio, coaching client

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"The session with a financial coach is amazing, in those 45 minutes, I learnt more than I had in the past five years. I instantly felt compelled to share it with friends. Financial education is something that you sometimes have to seek out and Claro seems dedicated to bridging that gap."

Cyra, coaching client

We're here to help you

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Rated 4.8 stars by Smart Money People 

Our certified coaches have completed our training programme, which has been accredited by an industry-leading body

Finalists in 2022

Start boosting your employees' financial wellbeing

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